We are excited that Camp Gotta Crop is coming in February!  Registration has closed and we have over 225 women coming together to enjoy cropping, fun, and fellowship!


1/6/15 Update – Medical Form & Photo Release Form

To help prepare you for Camp Gotta Crop, we have provided the Medical and Photo Release Form. Please download the forms and have them completed and ready to turn in at Check In. Next week, we will be sending out the newsletter with all the details about Camp Gotta Crop!

Camp Gotta Crop Medical Release

Camp Gotta Crop Photo Release

1/13/15 Update – Camp Gotta Crop Newsletter

We are excited to share with you the Camp Gotta Crop Newsletter!  You will find everything you need to prepare for the weekend, from what to pack to Skill Class options.  Some notable activities during the retreat will be the 2nd Annual Yard Sale on Friday afternoon 2:00-3:30 and a lovely Afternoon Tea on Saturday at 3:00. If you would like to sign up for a table to sell items, it will $10.00.  More details in the newsletter! Next week we will include the Menu on our website.

Camp Gotta Crop Newsletter

1/29/15 Update – Camp Gotta Crop Menu, Directions & Camp Map

We only have TWO MORE WEEKS until we gather together for Camp Gotta Crop!
To keep you updated on information about the retreat, we are uploading the menu for the weekend, the directions to Camp Keystone and a Camp Map so you can better prepare yourself!

Camp Gotta Crop 2015 Menu

Directions to Camp Keystone

Camp Keystone Map for CGC

2/6/15 Update – Tips for Preparation, Check In, Unloading & Parking


In ONE WEEK we will be sitting around Camp Keystone cropping away!  We hope you have received all of the information you need to prepare for next week.

Here are a couple of tips to help even more:

1. If you have not heard where you are housed or the Cropping Room you are in, contact The Salvation Army you are registered with or the contact person who has been keeping you updated.

2. Those staying in cabins will need to bring bath and bed linens.

3. It does get chilly at night at Camp Keystone, so remember to bring a jacket and an extra blanket!

4. You can still find the general directions to camp and the camp map here on our webpage to help navigate your way to and around Camp Keystone.

5. You can also still find the Newsletter for all the details of Camp Gotta Crop.

6. Remember: You have 4 feet of table space to crop…plan accordingly!

7. Above all, leave your worries at home and be ready to party!


Camp Gotta Crop will begin on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 1:00 PM with Check In and Early Cropping. Since our staff will be busy preparing for your arrival, we request that you not arrive early. The cropping rooms will be available for set up at 1:00 PM. Be sure to note that lunch will be on your own during your travels on Thursday.

We will be conducting Check In for all delegates in the white chapel at the entrance of Camp Keystone. Signs will guide you to Check In and our staff will be available to greet you, give you your room key and cropping room assignment and take the Medical and Photo Release forms upon arrival at camp. Remember, many croppers will want to arrive at 1:00 PM so be patient with us as we check each and everyone in!


We have three locations for cropping rooms – the Worship & Activity Center and the sides of our new dining room. We will have signs along the road to help you find the unloading areas for each room. The unloading zones can become very congested during arrivals at camp. Therefore, please do not park in the unloading zones. We will have staff available to direct you during the unloading process.


Once you have unloaded your cropping items, you will want to find your housing and a parking space. We all want to keep Camp Keystone as beautiful as possible, so we ask for you to follow the signs around camp guiding you where to drive and where to park.  You are unable to drive cars directly up to the cabin porches, but there will be a designated parking area for vehicles of those staying in the cabins.  You may need to drive to the various locations of activities during the retreat, but note that there is very limited parking near the cropping rooms so we ask to limit using vehicles to as needed basis.

With all that said, we can’t wait to see you at next Thursday! 

See you at Camp Gotta Crop!