The Angel Tree Program

The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County operates a holiday toy distribution program. With the help of a generous public we are able to provide toys to families in need. Families must complete an application and registration to receive assistance through The Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program.

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How does The Salvation Army find the children whose names are on the Angel Tree? The families of these children have applied for Christmas assistance from The Salvation Army. Some are referred by other agencies. All children are ages 12 and under.
Are all the children from West Palm Beach County? Yes. This year we will provide assistance for more than 1,500 children and their families in Palm Beach County.
How does The Salvation Army determine if the families are truly needy? Each family is screened as carefully as possible by our staff caseworkers without regard to race or religious preference. The federal guidelines for poverty are a tool used in this process. Referrals are taken from religious organizations, civic associations, H.R.S., schools and similar organizations. We cross check with other helping agencies for duplications.
How much should I spend? We suggest that you spend between $25.00 and $50.00 per child. We encourage each donor to purchase at least one toy suggestion and one outfit.
What guarantee do I have that the gifts bought for an Angel get to the intended child? Each child has a specific code number which is labeled on the gifts as they are returned. This code number correlates with a family's file at the office. When a family comes to pick up gifts, the family's code number is matched with it's specific gifts purchased for that child.
What happens to the Angels not selected from the tree? All children who do not receive their gifts through an ANGEL TREE will receive new toys from our Christmas Toy Shop from monies donated or collected through our KETTLE effort.
Why must the gifts be unwrapped? To ensure that each child receives appropriate and safe NEW gifts. Also, when the mother/father comes to pick up the gifts they will more than likely open them to assure that it is appropriate for her/his child. You may include boxes and wrapping paper so that the parent may wrap the gifts if desired.

Opportunities for Volunteers:
1) Assist with Family Christmas Registration: 9:00am-noon & 1:00pm-3:30pm The Salvation Army Locations In Palm Beach County Volunteer Commitment: 3 hour shifts (or a full day)
2) Staff an Angel Tree Table: Help shoppers select a child to shop for. Prepare returned gifts for pickup. Several trees around the area Volunteer Commitment: 2-3 hour shifts
3) Santa’s Helper: Sort gifts that come in for the Angel Tree. Good physical health is necessary. Dates to be announced
Volunteer Commitment: Any time you can give from 10:00am until 6:00pm on any day. SalArmyChristmasTree

Group or Workplace Ideas

1) Corporate or group Angel Tree:

Put up an Angel Tree in your place of business or where your group meets.

We will supply the names of as many Angels as you need.

Your employees or members will then select the child they wish to shop for, purchase new toys and/or clothing (whatever amount they feel they can spend is appreciated)

And return the gifts to the Angel Tree. We can pick up the gifts whenever they are ready.

Dates needed: November 15-December 15

This one is really fun and VERY helpful!!!

2) New Toy Drive:

Make it fun. Challenge your co-workers to fill the bosses office with new toys.

Having a truck or even a dump truck at your place of

business and challenging your co-workers, customers, and even your competitors to “Fill it up” with new toys.

3) The Empty Stocking Project:

Fill a red net stocking (provided by The Salvation Army) with small items for the Angel Tree Children.

This is a wonderful project for younger children or older adults.

4) Angel Parties:

Host a holiday party and ask your guests to bring new toys for children ages 0-12.

This can be a lot of fun!!!