The Salvation Army Social Service office provides social service and support to people in crisis and need; by means of residential and non-residential services and programs. As a distinctly Christian social service, it offers care to the total person, spirit, mind and body.

All components require an intake needs assessment interview to be completed during the initial visit. Case management during subsequent social service visits ensure forward progress in achieving and maintaining goals that lead to a family's state of self-sufficiency.

SOCIAL SERVICES IN PALM BEACH COUNTY: Our Social Service Offices offer assistance with dry goods from our food pantry, clothing from community donations, emergency furniture assistance for victims of natural disasters; and utility/rental assistance (when funding is available). We may also refer you to other organizations if we cannot directly assist you with your needs.

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  • Belle Glade Please Call 686-3530 x26269
  • Boca Raton Please Call 561-391-1344 x26302
  • Lake Worth Please Call 561-968-8189 x26322
  • West Palm Beach Please Call 686-3530 x26269

Helping Hand

The Salvation Army shield is a universal symbol of help and hope. For people in serious need, The Salvation Army is a buffer between their lives and desperation. It's the difference between feeling that you've run out of options and getting a second chance. In Palm Beach County, many families are suffering economic jeopardy. All it takes is a missed paycheck or two, an illness or a spouse who leaves and the family slides into homelessness, desperation and even possible dissolution. The Salvation Army Social Service programs meet the basic needs of daily life for those without the resources to do so themselves. Ministry to the whole person - body, mind and spirit - is the hallmark of the services offered by The Salvation Army. Social Services offer aid to the community in many areas. In Palm Beach County, these areas currently include:
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Self-sufficiency Programs
  • Counseling and Budgeting
  • Utility Bill Assistance
  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • Disaster Furniture and Clothing Vouchers
  • Assistance Securing Healthcare and Food Stamp Benefits
  • Local Palm Tran Reduced Fare Transportation
  • Case Management
  • Other Necessities Based On Need; Including Referrals/Linkages

Homeless and Substance Abuse Services: Each social service office attends to the basic needs of homeless people each month, providing them with food, clothing, hygiene needs and more. We also encounter and counsel those who are battling alcohol and substance abuse. Palm Beach County is fortunate to have The Salvation Army Center of Hope, a long-term recovery program for chronically homeless or substance abuse clients who want to change their lifestyle.
The Salvation Army Emergency Services programs are designed to help families and individuals become solid and stable. Through these services, bruised spirits are healed and are brought from lives of despair to lives of dignity.