The latest Census data states more than 9,500 homeless men, women and children are living in Hillsborough County alone. Sadly, the fastest growing segment of the homeless population is children!The Salvation Army’s social services encompass a wide range of programs to help individuals and families overcome these obstacles. The Salvation Army in Hillsborough County’s purpose is empowerment, enabling those in need to change their life’s circumstances and overcome challenges that stand in their way. Services include emergency assistance, self-sufficiency programming, counseling, referral services and much more.


Transitional Housing Programs

The Salvation Army’s Transitional Housing programs in Hillsborough County help homeless men, women and children make the transition from homelessness to independent living by meeting their basic needs and offering them access to the skills and services needed to become self-sufficient. Hospitality House is a 50-bed transitional housing for 29 homeless women and 21 children, located at 1603 N. Florida Ave. Hope House is a two-year 43-bed transitional housing program for homeless men located at 1514 N. Florida Ave.

Emergency Shelter

Salvation Army’s Red Shield Lodge Emergency Shelter is the only emergency shelter in Hillsborough County and is open 365 days a year. The Red Shield Lodge provides each person with a bed, linens and three meals a day. Support, counseling and referral services are also available. Select here for more information on emergency shelter

Feeding the Hungry

The number of families living in households of extreme poverty and chronic hunger steadily increases each year. The sad reality is that many must choose between paying for food or shelter. As a result, nutritious meals are often sacrificed. The Salvation Army in Hillsborough County serves more than 90,000 meals per year to those in need. For more information on how to help feed homeless, contact Pamela Miller, Director of Development, at Pam_Miller@uss.salvationarmy.org or  call 813-224-9119.


Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Salvation Army in Hillsborough County offers substance abuse programs. The program addresses the ills of all who suffer in the cycle of dependency. We provide intensive programming including detoxification, in-patient and out-patient treatment programs, and long-term chemical dependency counseling. Select here for more information on Adult Rehabilitation Center.

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