The Red Shield Lodge Emergency Shelter

The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Lodge is the only emergency shelter in Hillsborough County open 365 days a year. Adult men and women looking for shelter have an opportunity to receive lodging each day at our 132-bed Lodge.

During a stay at a Salvation Army shelter, clients will participate in programs and workshops developed to promote self-sufficiency and personal development. The Salvation Army also works with clients to help them transition into a more permanent housing situation.

On-site case workers develop, in cooperation with clients, an extensive goal-oriented program. Case workers continually motivate clients to meet these goals. In turn, clients are given responsibilities around the center, including cleaning details and other applicable tasks.

Support and referral services are also available for men and women committed to regaining independence .

For more information on how to qualify to receive shelter and other programs and services, contact 813-229-2063.

Kelly Garrett, Director of Social Services
Kelly.Garrett@uss.salvationarmy.org or 813-549-5300

Lorraine Davis, Red Shield Lodge, Program Manager
Lorraine.Davis@uss.salvationarmy.org or 813-221-4440  ext. 452