The Salvation Army in Tallahassee is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty that has crippled and destroyed generations of families in Tallahassee. We will offer a hand up to all those willing to learn, grow and change to move toward a better life.
We are educating, inspiring, and ministering to these generations as we empower people to build lives of purpose.

Sewing classes, summer day camp, music instructions, social services, food pantry, kids, teens, college and women’s ministries are just some of the new initiatives taking place at The Salvation Army in Tallahassee.

Our new 37,000 square foot building, located at 2410 Allen Road, is one of the largest Salvation Armies in Florida and one of the few “one-stop-shops.” This facility is serving as a community center, social service office, church, and children’s area, as well as housing the family store, formally at 2131 Jackson Bluff Rd.

“We want our new center to be a place of hope, where people can belong, become, and believe.”