We are in a difficult situation. Donations drop off dramatically over the summer months . . . and our budget is extremely tight!

Summer is a time for vacations, and it’s easy to forget the needs of others in the busyness of our own lives. But right now, many hurting people need our help.

Their hardships aren’t limited to the seasons. Year-round, they face things no one should have to:

•No food for their hungry children

•The choice between eating and buying medicine

•No safe shelter to protect them from life on the streets

•And more Every month is difficult for the hungry and homeless.

Our Salvation Army summer programs give these struggling neighbors the help they so desperately need. But we are depending on you as never before. With cuts in social service program funding, friends like you are our only hope of helping hurting families without interruption this summer.

We are committed to doing the most good with your generous contribution — so please, make a secure online donation of $25 for this month, or if you possibly can, $50 for the next two months.

Many people will be coming to us for help this summer. And giving online is a fast and easy way to put your gift to work immediately for the sake of these hurting souls. Please . . . make your secure online donation now so we don’t have to turn anyone away!  Thank you!


Or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY