The mission of the student housing center is to promote the development of the individual student residents and the community of student residents in Christ.

The opportunity to live together in a community of Salvationist believers while pursuing higher education at various institutions is unique and valuable.

The Salvation Army is committed to helping young people invest in their futures as they pursue higher education and professional education. The program costs are very low, enabling students to achieve their educational goals with lower costs and less accumulated debt. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Each month of residence in a student townhouse for up to FOUR students costs $200, which must be paid by the 15th of the previous month. A security deposit of $200 is required before a space will be reserved for you. It will be returned upon departure, pending damage inspection.

Housing in a 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse for up to FOUR housemates of the same gender. There is a parking spot for each.

Utilities, cable, Internet, maintenance, local landline telephone and cleaning supplies are provided.
Save your quarters—
washer and dryer are included!

• Good standing in your home corps
• Enrolled for at least 12 credit hours at an accredited Tampa area college
• At least age 18
• Ready to accept the structure of the program and participate fully
• Untethered: Singles without children living with them

Program Requirements
All residents in the program are expected to abide by the program’s rules and uphold the community structure. We all:

· Participate in corporate worship at The Salvation Army on Sundays
· Participate in small group for Student Residents weekly
· Serve in a Salvation Army corps or center of services
· Keep our homes clean
· Maintain good academic standing
· Live maturely

College Student Center
Like other students with valid college identification, residents may use the College Student Center. It is located at 9309 N. Armenia Ave, Tampa.

The college center has a computer lab with Xerox, scanner, fax, study rooms, prayer room, lounge and games room. Programs and events are held in the College Student Center. Students may host pre-approved parties and events there.

It is one of the places where a Christian community that is growing together and working toward achieving academic and life goals spends time together.

Steps to Becoming a Student Housing Resident:
1. If you are interested in learning more, contact us by e-mail: or by phone: 813-935-6086. We are happy to schedule a tour or visit.

2. Complete an application, including references, writing an essay, financial plan, etc.

3. Upon provisional acceptance, turn in your $200 deposit. Your place will not be reserved without the deposit.

4. Date of move-in is coordinated with the Student Housing Manager.

5. Opening retreat is mandatory for all residents—new and returning. It is held in late August and typically runs two days.

6. Each resident meets with the college student center at the beginning and end of each semester to review schedule, plans, etc. It is certainly possible to meet more often.

7. All residents attend an Opening Night at the start of the school year to become acquainted with the opportunities in The Salvation Army in the Tampa vicinity. It is held in early September.

8. We all do our best to live well together—respecting ourselves and our neighbors, putting in our best effort at school, work, extracurricular activities, and ministry, participating faithfully in small group and corporate worship and complying with program rules.