Transitional Housing and Support Services

Many Salvation Army Corps and commands in Florida provide homeless men, women, children and families a temporary home and environment in which they can prepare for a new life.

These Transitional Housing Programs in many locations throughout the state provide 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments for families and/or rooms for single individuals. In these programs, residents are offered life skills, GED classes, mental health counseling, legal services, job training, career counseling, computer training, parenting classes, medical care, after-care programs, plus many other services along with case management for up to 18 months.

Our objective is to get them as close to real life as possible, yet provide support until they are able to be out on their own. Intensive case management enables and equips clients to set goals in moving towards permanent housing through education and counseling. The residents are then able to realize their career and financial goals and emotional and spiritual growth. The ultimate goal is self-sufficiency for each of our residents.

Childcare is often provided in these shelters or in nearby day care centers.

For the needs of the needy shall not be ignored forever; the hopes of the poor shall not always be crushed. Psalms 9:18