Katrina – 10 Year Anniversary


The Salvation Army Sarasota’s own Majors Ethan and Sue Frizzell
had the opportunity to arrive in New Orleans soon after the disaster.  Their mission was to assist in the recovery process of the city and its people.  Major Ethan Frizzell recalls witnessing deceased humans and animals being carried out of the aftermath of the storm.  The atmosphere was bleak but Major Frizzell refused to give in to any sort of negative perspective.  Instead, he committed a strength based model to the approach of recovery, emphasizing resilience in neighborhood stabilization.

This proved to be a success, as $12M was invested in neighborhood rehabilitation.  Survivors of the disaster shared Major Frizzell’s unwavering hope for the future, deciding to conquer the ills of the past to create a shared future.  Many houses were built in the years that Major Frizzell aided in the recovery process, allowing for those who lost a home to find a new one.  Major Frizzell also emphasized the importance of education in the wake of the disaster, as many children could not attend school as their families sought help.



Disaster Canteen serves Sarasota and wherever needed


Ways to donate to Disasters:
  • www.salvationarmyusa.org
  • 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Monetary donations will also be accepted at the Center of Hope, 1400 Tenth Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 or P. O. Box 2792, Sarasota, FL 34230. 
Disasters are not scheduled  Hurricanes, floods, fires do not wait for convenient times.  But no matter when they may happen, The Salvation Army is ready to respond.  Across the United States and right here in Sarasota County, members of The Salvation Army are prepared to provide food, clothing, counseling and comfort.  They stay as long as it takes to help people begin life again.  Your support all year long helps us to continue doing the most good for victims of disasters.
 Click on the link below, or copy/paste it into your browser to view The Salvation Army’s report of services provided and ongoing response at the ten-year anniversary of hurricane Katrina.http://salvationarmysouth.org