MAJORS CHUCK & JULIE WHITEN- Area Commanders & Corps Officers



Majors Chuck & Julie Whiten have been officers in The Salvation Army since June, 1993.  They have been stationed in South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi and North Carolina before coming to Sarasota.

Chuck’s life was greatly impacted by The Salvation Army, and the difference it made in his life motivates him to affect change in the lives of others.  Julie is the daughter of Salvation Army officers, and has a rich experience to draw from as she enthusiastically engages those around her.

The Whiten’s strive to foster community while challenging themselves and others towards excellence.

” The privilege to meet human need and to positively impact lives is inspiring, challenging and fulfilling.  We are grateful for the effective programs and ministry currently in place to serve the Sarasota community and look forward to continuing and advancing these efforts.”