Local Philanthropists Champions Solutions for Sarasota Homeless

Ronda Montminy and Arnold Simonsen

Ronda Montminy with Arnold Simonsen

 The Salvation Army has a new homeless advocate in Arnold J. Simonsen.  Former CEO of Simonsen’s Inc., Mr. Simonsen retired from the Chicago area in 2012 and moved to Longboat Key. He quickly became a supporter of the local arts community as well as supporting long-term solutions for the chronically homeless in the area.  His business background provides a unique perspective,
especially relating to mental health issues of many of the homeless.   

Through his personal generosity and in conjunction with the Arnold Simonsen Family Charitable Foundation,  Mr. Simonsen has contributed more than $125,000 to address homeless issues here is Sarasota.  Funds have been designated to use to fund staff program managers; he has also designated funds for direct services to individuals experiencing homelessness through the
QLife mitigation committee. 

As we seek new, innovative systems to help relieve the community, our merchants and health care systems by providing a continuum of housing options for the chronically homeless population, Major Ethan Frizzell states that Mr. Simonsen’s leadership gifts play a vital role in addressing the long-term goal of reducing chronic homelessness in Sarasota.  Following a $50,000 donation Frizzell said “Arnold Simonsen serves as a leader in changing how our community reacts to homelessness.   This gift is a challenge to The Salvation Army and the community to provide comprehensive
triage to the most vulnerable among the homeless population.”

Thank you Mr. Simonsen for your continued support and generosity since 2013!