“When I Became A Man” – June 4, 2013

When I became a man

I put away childish things
But before I became a man
I made a lot of mistakes
The toys I played with kept me feelings and emotions hidden
Before I became a man
I was taught by example
I’ll try one of those, only one just to sample
My desire to do wrong become so strong
I wouldn’t be able to hold on very long
Before I became a man
I searched for a role model
Always trying to fix my problem with a bottle
I was so full to fear
Nothing ever seemd very clear
Keep in mind this was before I became a man

Before I became a man

My past was always holding me down
The water became so deep I almost drown
I wouldn’t ask for help, I was afraid
So all alone in the dark I stayed

But when I became a man

Oh when I became a man
I learned how to live
I learned it’s not about what I could take, but what I could give
I learned how to love and forgive myself
I learned how to cry
Because I’m not ashamed of my tears
Like I was for a good many years
I no longer live in hell
I stand strong with a story to tell
When I became a man
I let down my walls
I developed morals and values
Like Honesty, Integrity, Humility & Love
But most of all love
God’s perfect love has set me free
I’ve opened my eyes and now I can see
J. G. is a 29 year old man that spent 4 months at the Center of Hope for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Commencing from CRP on June 20, 2013 – this is his first creative writing experience.