CRP – Community Recovery Program
Established in 2007, CRP – the Community Recovery Program, is The Salvation Army Sarasota’s own 10-week residential recovery tract that addresses the elements of faith and spirituality that strictly clinical programs overlook.  This faith-centered model combines therapeutic approaches, life skills and application of AA/NA’s 12 Steps.

Volunteers are the driving energy behind the program serving as instructors, recovery coaches, spiritual mentors and counselors.  The volunteers are in recovery themselves and bring with them experiential wisdom on how to achieve and sustain recovery.

We teach clients to accept responsibility for their recovery and to “move on” in their lives.  We stress making the right choices to break the cycle of addiction and remain “clean and sober.”  

Reunification with family and successful integration in society are possible when clients arm themselves with effective tools and take charge of their own recovery.  We create a safe environment for clients to get in touch with God, fully immerse in step work and connect with the recovery community that will help sustain their sobriety.  We also foster a sense of community on campus so that clients may share their strengths to support growth and progress.  

Professional and pastoral counseling, spiritual mentoring, on and off-campus recover meetings, case management and a variety of other resources result in a holistic recovery experience.  CRP values commitment, enthusiasm, honesty and hope.  “With God, all things are possible.”

 jail pod-compressed
Sarasota County Jail Pod Recovery Program – Celebrates Seventh Anniversary June 2016
  More than 1850 inmates have benefited from this program since its inception
The Addiction Recovery Program at the Sarasota County Jail: The Addiction Recovery Program was a concept introduced by SURE, Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity, and instituted in partnership with The Salvation Army and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.  The Sarasota County Jail launched the program in July 2009 with one men’s pod, but quickly expanded to include a women’s wing as well.  Since its inception, this program has contributed to improving the quality of life in our community – at NO cost to taxpayers.  The Addiction Recovery Program allows inmates to embrace free but valuable resources in an immersive, recovery-focused environment.  Participants develop the life skills they need to address personal issues related to their addiction.  Upon release, they can continue the rehabilitation process with the contacts they have established in the recovery community.  Serving both women and men in the county jail, this addiction rehabilitation program is provided by volunteers who teach sober living skills.  This jail program has marshaled over 100 volunteers from the recovery and church communities to work in collaboration  with the staff of The Salvation Army. We are currently serving 48 men and 48 women, with a waiting list for the program. We hold fourteen “12 Step” recovery meetings per week – two daily, Monday through Friday, and we hold addiction recovery classes in both the morning and afternoon.



I have a heart for those struggling with addictions; how can I help?
To volunteer in one of these programs, please call 954-4673, ext. 1306 for an application or additional information.