FAITH – 2015

Families In Transitional Housing Program

Family Success Oct 2015
Jasmine is a 24 year old single mother with 2 sons, ages 2 and 1 months. Jasmine came to The Salvation Army FAITH Program from a hotel in November 2014. Growing up, Jasmine lived in the housing projects with her mother and 2 brothers. She had a lot of responsibility at a young age, and she always had dreams to achieve something great.

She had a wonderful mentor through Big Brothers, Big Sisters until high school who made a huge impact on her life.  Although she struggled in high school, soon after she started a dental assistant program at Manatee Technical Institute, thinking that she would be her career. When she got pregnant, her education was put on hold. She found herself working at Walmart and living with family, not having a great sense of meaning or accomplishment. When Jasmine came to The Salvation Army, she had a spark and determination that was contagious. Although it was difficult to adjust to life in a structured program, Jasmine made the necessary changes and was determined to work hard every day for her new future.

She decided to go to school at The American Red Cross  for her CNA and graduated on February 20, 2015. She gained employment soon after at an assisted living facility and studied for her CNA exam. She did not pass the exam the first time, but she has shown that she will not give up and is getting ready to take it again.

Jasmine paid off an old eviction, and moved into her own 2 bedroom place in June 2015. She joined the Family Sustainability Group Program and has been attending meetings at the Center for Worship and Service for the past 4 months. She has found a sense of community at the Center and has been appreciative of the financial support as she continues to work towards her goals.

While talking to Jasmine recently, she shared that she has the goal of continuing on to become an LPN in the near future. She also told this writer that she is still searching for her passion and wants to find a career she can retire from. Being a mother to her 2 sons has shown her what unconditional love is, and everything she does is so that her sons will have a bright future.