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The face of homelessness in Sarasota is changing. When individuals arrive at the Center of Hope, they are experiencing a crisis.  Usually with little more than some clothing and a few personal items, they have exhausted all the traditional support systems of family and friends and have probably been referred by a local agency that cannot meet their needs.  Emergency shelter services are available to anyone in need, regardless of race, creed, age or gender.  We have more than 240 beds in the emergency shelter.  Women or men in need of temporary shelter are provided a safe, secure environment along with nutritional meals during their stay. We have several collaborative partners within the community to assist our clients.  Our goal is to assist them to move past the immediate crisis stage that brought them to The Salvation Army to the goal of self-sufficiency and ultimately to successful independent living.  Initially the client’s needs are identified by the case managers. They first establish a plan of action to stabilize the situation, seek solutions for immediate needs and then establish long term goals.