May 2018….”I am now three and a half years sober, I still have the same job and the same phone number, which is an accomplishment.
I sponsor other women, I take meetings into the recovery pod and other institutions.
I have a relationship with my children and my family that I could have never had before…..my life is fun and full of purpose today,
and I owe that to my time at The Salvation Army and the VIP-ER program.  Thank you,   Stacy E.”

The Salvation Army Sarasota’s Life Recovery programs provides individualized, life-saving services to adult women and men in Sarasota County who are homeless, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or are incarcerated.  These programs not only helps improve the lives of the clients who gain sobriety and stability, it betters their family relationship as well as the entire community.  It helps create stable citizens who contribute to the overall quality of life in Sarasota County. Life Recovery helps to reduce public social service expenditures by reducing recidivism.

Life Recovery is comprised of three unique programs:
*   Voluntary Interim Placement – Enhanced Recovery (VIP-ER) Program
*   Community Recover Program (CRP)
*   Addiction Recovery Program at the Sarasota County Jail (“Jail Pods”)

Voluntary Interim Placement – Enhanced Recovery (VIP-ER) Program

This ten week residential program is a collaborative effort with 6 local agencies and partially funded by Sarasota County Government; the program is geared for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.

 “Sometimes we think it is easier to live with the old problems than work on the new solutions.”  

The VIP-ER program, based on an AA 12 Step model,  combines the strengths and resources of six local social service agencies.  The Salvation Army provides housing, meals and milieu services; First Step of Sarasota provides instructors, Jewish Family and Children Services provide case management and counseling, Community Haven provides employment readiness, Sarasota County Health Department provide medical care and Sarasota Technical College provide GED classes. All services are delivered by social-service professionals at the Center of Hope.  Extended services  “wrap around” clients for one year following program commencement.

The VIP-ER program’s object is to foster self-sufficiency, promote self-esteem and convey a sense of what is achievable when clients live “clean and sober.” The treatment plan is sensitive to the individual and based on the client’s goals.  The community treatment emphasis takes into account many aspects of a person’s life, such as family, peer relationships and employment readiness.

Basic Criteria for Placement Within Program:

  • Must have proof of Sarasota County residency for 90 days prior to entry and be at least 18 years old. 
  • Demonstrated need for treatment for addiction to alcohol and/or drugs including street drugs, prescription medications or any other such addictive substances. 
  • Desires to live substance free permanently through full participation in a residential recovery program.
  • A willingness to participate in a program of recovery.
  • The ability to receive and follow basic instructions and guidelines including: class attendance, dorm activities, Community maintenance chores and participation at recovery meetings.
  • Passing basic background checks for violent criminal and sexual offender history.
  • Be willing to participate in a program that is both interpersonal and clinical in its curriculum and open to therapeutic and faith-based approaches.
  • While the client need not be indigent or homeless to gain admission, the program is designed and funded as an alternative for those who cannot access treatment in any other setting primarily due to a lack of resources.
  • The client must be willing to commit the block of time needed to complete the program which would be no less than 10 weeks.

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Community Recovery Program