Life.  We celebrate quality of life within our community.
        Life.  We hope for  longevity with family and friends in community.
               Life.  Precious.  Too short.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.34.33 PMThe Salvation Army has been fighting the affects of addiction for more than 125 years in Florida.  There is a constant tension between the great needs of society and the resources to respond.  This is the burden of leadership, being aware of the need and responsible for the stewardship of available resources.

The community mourns this week as too many of our family, friends, and program participants have passed away from the constant death dealt within our community. The Salvation Army has been intensively reviewing our work in recovery through the jail pods, residential recovery, after care community, enhancing employment support and efforts to increase the sustainability of housing. It is clear to us that success is found by maintaining a fidelity of service that allows for proper case management, classes, curriculum and community. Therefore I send to you notification that is one of the more difficult of my position.

After a year of aggressively seeking of additional funds for residential recovery it is necessary to reduce the numbers of residential recovery beds from 120 to 90. first step class- croppedNote that residential recovery receives specific funding for only 30 beds (VIP-ER). We are thankful to Sarasota County for this funding. The cost of services has increased over the past ten years at a rate higher than income. Additionally, The Salvation Army continues to increase supportive services in the Recovery Pods at the Sarasota County Jail, and we are thankful for this effective relationship. Our work in enhancing employability and assisting with housing sustainability has also increased expenses.

Simply we know that to be most effective, we must sojourn with our residents from the time they decide to change their lives until they are stable in community. It is no longer Journey of Hopeenough to assist them in our Center of Hope community for 120 days and then hope for the best. Our goal is to increase the number of persons safe and sober for a year and increase the likelihood of a lifetime of success. Therefore we will also be streamlining entry into The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, our long-term residential work therapy recovery programs.

The greatest reflection of our success in the lives of others is the significant number of referrals coming from across the counties and within our community. Be assured that we appreciate you and will continue to work on funding efforts to ensure life saving and life changing recovery programs.

It is my intent that this blog series include original thought, links to reliable research, and create a platform for public dialogues. Please share your thoughts and comments. Know that it would be my pleasure to assist you with innovative program design for collective impact.

Passionately expressing faith and experience with research for the progress of humanity. Seeking to engage varied networks to consider how traditional services of non-profits may have greatest social effect. Determined to create opportunities of individual and community strength-based services in a field of vulnerability-based traditions. Instigating change through social innovation and bringing forth a catalytic focus on humanity by extending the strengths of various fields. Privileged to serve through The Salvation Army.

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