a new center?

The Salvation Army currently operates four primary facilities, all located in very close proximity to the adopted Tampa Heights redevelopment plan.

The Salvation Army’s administration and Advisory Board commissioned a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment and Organizational Planning Study. The study results concluded that the existing social services and administrative facilities were inferior and inadequate. They will not accommodate anticipated growth and demand over the next several years.

The solution: To efficiently and effectively meet current and future needs in our community, and to accommodate explosive growth in programs and services offered by The Salvation Army, a newly remodeled facility at 1603 North Florida Avenue must be created.

Tampa Heights has an adventurous forward thinking spirit, and The Salvation Army’s plan to focus and consolidate their much needed service fits right in with the character of our neighborhood. Their plan is bright, creative, and needed.

— Justin Ricke, President Tampa Heights Community Association


exists now?

The Salvation Army coordinates many programs that provide valuable services to residents of the Tampa/Hillsborough County area, including the Homeless Prevention Department, Red Shield Lodge, Emergency Services, Tampa Community Worship Center, Riverview Community Worship Center, and the Adult Rehabilitation Center.

Seven Salvation Army Officers (Administrators/Ministers) serve the Tampa Bay area, as well as many full-time and part-time employees.

We never close our doors. Our community faces an ever-present reality of a growing number of individuals and families that find themselves on the streets when money, food, and housing options run out. Recognizing this, The Salvation Army steps in, offering shelter and programs to help them regain their footing and become independent again.

What is

being created?

Introducing The Salvation Army Red Shield Center

This 39,000-square foot one-stop social services and residential facility will be located on a campus-like setting, with state-of-the-art amenities, expansive capabilities, and flexible spaces to suit many needs.

  • Administration and Family Service Center
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Veterans program
  • Recuperative Care Program
  • Administrative offices
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Congregate dining room
  • Case worker meeting rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Lounge areas
  • Computer labs
  • Classrooms
  • Staff offices

The red shield center

Administration and Family Service Center

For the out-of-work and the thousands who are employed but still living in poverty, The Salvation Army will continue to provide emergency assistance to help get families through crisis situations. Clients will receive food assistance in the form of food bags from the food pantry, assistance with securing prescription medications, and financial assistance to pay utility bills. Through a new program, Pathway of Hope, professional Salvation Army caseworkers and volunteer advisors will help those on the verge of losing everything stay in their homes and better handle their finances.

Kitchen and Dining Room

The Salvation Army Red Shield Center kitchen will be equipped to serve up to 250 meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—365 days a year. Much of the food preparation and workload in providing these meals daily will be done by volunteers and skilled workers.

Community Room

The Community Room is an auditorium that will serve as a meeting room for residents for themed lectures, multimedia presentations, entertainment (concerts and movies), and religious services. The auditorium will also be used as a shelter in times of disaster and for overflow during the winter season.

William’s House

Homeless men who are looking to partner with The Salvation Army to move beyond homelessness will receive temporary shelter at William’s House, the men’s wing of the new facility. The 14,539-square foot shelter will house up to 100 men per night. Beyond dignified lodgings in the clean, spacious dormitories, men will receive meals, counseling, and assistance in finding employment. Elderly and disabled visitors will receive advice from counselors on applying for VA and/or Social Security benefits.

Catherine’s House

The Catherine’s House women’s shelter will be an emergency shelter for single homeless women and will have a capacity of 40 women per night. The shelter will serve women who are homeless due to mental illness, substance abuse, and/or physical disabilities and women who need temporary shelter due to loss of income, eviction, lack of affordable housing, and/or domestic violence. The women who enter the shelter program will be provided with safe housing, nutritional meals, and individual case management. Caseworkers will also help select appropriate educational opportunities, employment, job training, and/or counseling.

Recuperative Care Program

This program fills a critical need in our community by providing shelter for individuals who have recently been discharged from local hospitals and who are homeless or facing homelessness. It provides individuals the opportunity to heal while regaining stability in their lives.

Veterans Program

Veterans often find themselves battling loneliness and depression years after returning home. The Salvation Army is committed to standing beside those who stood up for us by offering a variety of veteran services to meet their needs. We provide shelter, meals, extensive case management, and access to numerous resources throughout the community to help them acquire stable housing.

How much

will it cost?

  • Renovations of existing facility
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E)
  • Architect/engineer
  • Site prep
  • Operating endowment
  • Capital campaign goal
  • $4,000,000
  • $825,000
  • $175,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $6,500,000

How will we

get it funded?

Projected Campaign Gift Requirements

The following gift chart reflects the gifts required to successfully complete a $6.5 million campaign over a five-year pledge period.

Who is

leading and advising?

Chairman: Carl Tremonti
Secretary: John DeLaVergne
Treasurer: J.D. Pellecchia
Immediate Past Chair: John Kynes
Strategic Plan: Dale Peterson

Board Members
Fred Carlson, Alliance Exchange Corporation
Raegen Carr, Regional Director, Dex Imaging, Inc.
Rob Catoe, Vice President, TD Bank
John DeLaVergne, President, DeLaVergne & Co.
Howard Grosswirth, VP of Marketing, New York Yankees

John Kynes, Executive Director, Hillsborough County Bar Association

John Talbot “Tal” Land, Managing Director, Talbot & Assoc. Healthcare Consulting, LLC

John Osterweil, President, Memorabilia Magic

J.D. Pellecchia, President, PFS Financial

Dale Peterson, Senior Vice President, CBRE
Carl Tremonti, CFO, BayCare Medical Group
Tony Umholtz, Sr. Vice President, Mortgage Banking, Iberia Bank
Mark Yaffe, President, The Phoenix Gold Corporation

Emeritus Members
Ron K. Bailey, Founder, Bailey Family Foundation
Larry Carey, MD, Retired, NOW Administrator, VA Hospital O. Fred Dobbins, City President, SunTrust Bank
John W. Harvey, John Harvey & Company
Kenneth Hyatt, Retired CEO, Walter Industries
Gene McNichols, CEO, McNichols Company
Cyndy Miller, CFO, CHRIS Kids (Atlanta, GA)
Edyth B. Roberts, Administration, USF Medical School Patricia Reid Rudy, Retired
W. Lawrence Smith, Attorney, Hill Ward Henderson

Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal
Ian MacKechnie

Ex-Officio Members
Jim Crookston, Adult Rehabilitation Center
Peggy Land, Community Activist & Donor

Captains Andy & Abby Miller, Area Commanders/Corps Officers
Captain Teresa Della Monica, Associate Corps Officer
Captains Miguel & Adieny Ramos, Corps Officers

Majors John & Kathy Reed, Adult Rehabilitation Center, Administrators

Life Members
Barbara Alonso Byars, Retired Attorney
Richard T. Farrior, MD, Retired Plastic Surgeon
Thomas W. Vann, Former City of Tampa Council Member
James W. Warren, III, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors

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Lindakay O’Reilly

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