Transitional Housing is available to clients in need of intensive, residential services

There are eight two-bedroom apartments available for families that are homeless or in transitional crisis. Programming assists clients in setting goals to overcome factors beyond their immediate control. The program provides a real life training ground for self-sufficiency, budget management and home economic skills. Program participants may stay at the facility for up to six months, although each client’s case is evaluated for progress on a regular basis. This program began operation in the community in 1995.

Transitional Housing clients are required to maintain gainful employment and open a savings account. They pay a small fee for housing, utilities and supervision based on their ability to pay and in keeping with their program budget. The program provides a clean, positive environment for the family to gain skills and resources to establish permanent residence in the community. As the client nears their goal of independent living, other material assistance is provided to ease their transition into affordable commercial housing. The capacity of each apartment in Transitional Housing is a total of six individuals. Apartments are available that are equipped for individuals with special needs.

The apartments are currently under renovations.

Please call our Office (850) 769-5259 for information about when the program will resume.