Point of need services provided by the Family Assistance Office includes emergency food and clothing distribution.
Individuals and families are provided with food and articles of clothing based on need and situation. Homeless individuals without the means to cook are given ready-made food. Clothing articles are distributed based on seasonal weather changes or life changes, such as the release of an individual from incarceration. Clients are interviewed to assess whether their need is chronic and referrals to other available programs of The Salvation Army or the community is indicated.


Family Assistance also provides qualified individuals and families assistance in securing permanent residence. Furniture and household goods are supplied as needed and available. The Salvation Army provides rent and utility assistance as a part of the case management process.


To see if you qualify for assistance, call 850-769-5259


Interviews may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more on a case by case basis.

Interviews can be scheduled by calling 850-769-5259. Interviews are generally by appointment only.