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Welcome Home Speech by Aileen Castro

Everyone was thrilled for the Bishops to start a new chapter post-Hurricane Irma, especially Aileen Castro, their disaster case manager with The Salvation Army. Her speech was moving and perfectly captured the hard work put in by all parties to make this dedication day happen…

By Aileen Castro, Disaster Case Manager, The Salvation Army
Delivered Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Photo Credit: Tara Ratel – Volunteer Extraordinaire

Welcome and good afternoon all, to our first major reveal. My name is Aileen Castro, and I am a disaster case manager with The Salvation Army. I have been gifted a beautiful chance to form a relationship with, and case manage my incredibly resilient clients, the Bishops.

It was only a little over a year ago that through World Renew’s outreach, this client and family were brought to my attention. Not too long afterward, I partnered with them, embarking on an odyssey that concludes today.

It is a lovely way to come together and celebrate this joyous occasion. Getting to this point was a long and arduous road. Case managing this client has been an experience in its self, and a unique one at that. It’s my first major rebuild project.

Providing disaster case management to the Bishops has been a partnership made up of communication, patience, and understanding. Providing them with the best fit program to fulfill their unmet needs was a meticulous task. Fortunately enough, the task became less daunting once Team Rubicon came into the picture.

Here we are today. My goal with this client is complete. It has come to fruition, and it is palpable, tangible, and so much more beyond that. Though not on my own, and not by myself. I am a vessel, a point of contact, and above all an advocate. But to actually make a goal a reality, cooperation and dedication is of utmost importance.

It’s the brilliant interactions amongst organizations working in disaster, top-notch construction, and the most hard-working volunteers I have ever witnessed, that made today happen. I would not be here today without the amazing leadership and coworkers I have, working for The Salvation Army. Our team work is camaraderie in its most genuine form. For all who are present today, and those who are not, I deeply thank you. What we have accomplished today is awesome to say the least.

Thank you for what you have done for the Bishops, for what you have done to make today, March 5th, happen, and for what I know you will continue to do for future clients to come. So long as we continue to work together, our client’s goals will not remain stuck in the idea phase.

To Earl and Elizabeth Bishop, you have been phenomenal to get to know and work with. Thank you for allowing me into your lives. It has been a rewarding experience. Congratulations on reaching the end of this journey. This is your moment. Enjoy it. Thank you all.

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Collier County Disaster Case Workers

Duties of a Disaster Case Manager:

Salvation Army Disaster Case Managers are experts in disaster recovery and specialize in empowering clients to take a leadership role in visioning and achieving disaster recovery objectives. We are able to recognize strengths; sensitive to the needs of individuals and families in crisis; aware of the impact of the disaster on the community; and culturally and linguistically competent relative to the population served. Our Disaster Case Managers develop a strong partnership with each client and can serve as a resource guide, recovery coach, service advocate, and more in the process of rebuilding and repairing the survivor’s lives and homes post-disaster. We utilize a people-first approach that values each survivors story and experience while simultaneously encouraging client ownership.

  • To provide direct services in a professional manner to clients; provide case management services (assessment and planning).
  • To ensure that services are responsive to the needs of the community that particular office serves, and be an active partner in the community.
  • This position works in an independent manner with some direct supervision of the Disaster Case Management Supervisor.
  • This is a temporary full-time position.
  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere; courteous treatment of staff, clients and visitors.
  • Support the Mission of The Salvation Army by treating every donor, contact, and colleague appropriately and without discrimination of any kind.
  • Conduct client interviews and case management. Determine eligibility for programs, assist in completing applications, provide options and make referrals.
  • Provide crisis intervention assistance when needed.
  • Make home visits to clients when appropriate.
  • Keep accurate case notes of phone calls, interviews, etc.
  • Assist clients with direct assistance (food, rental assistance, vouchers, etc.).
  • Maintain required statistics (i.e. TSA stats, client files, United Way, etc.).
  • Participate in office and department meetings, committees, annual retreat, and other meetings.
  • Participate in community meetings and networking.
  • Their ideologies, efforts, and movements have led to life-changing situations and thus, we hold their work dear to us.

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