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The Best Qualities of a Non-Profit Board Member

By Jacob Flesvig

When I attended The Salvation Army of Naples Advisory Board meeting earlier this month, I listened to discussions regarding the status of the various local programs of The Salvation Army; from Disaster Relief to Childcare to Marketing and Development. While this experience may not sound particularly exciting on its own, interacting with the various board members one-on-one revealed to me the degree of passion and motivation one must possess to be a great board member. The fact is, an advisory board seat is a volunteer position. As a non-profit organization, The Salvation Army of Naples relies on these proven community leaders to speak on behalf of the people The Army serves.

As of now, there are 15 members on the Advisory Board, each one with a necessary talent that helps run The Salvation Army effectively and efficiently. Lawyers, bankers, realtors, and prominent church members are all necessary to an effective board since each one has different connections to the community the Army serves.

Prior to our board meeting, I had already met life member Jodi Bertholdt during The Salvation Army’s June 7th Donut Day festivities. Jodi and her late husband have been major contributors to the Salvation Army’s cause for over 30 years.

Chris Seebeck Jacob Flesvig Martin de St. Pierre
After the meeting, I was fortunate enough to meet Board Chair Chris Seebeck. As chair, Chris makes sure everyone is present and relaying necessary information. His wealth management and banking background makes him a critical asset to managing funds and donations. This is his second year as board chair.

By now, you’re probably noticing a trend. Each board member contributes either their time, talent, or treasure. These “three T’s” are the defining elements of a great board member. The two previously mentioned board members have contributed one or more of these elements to the Salvation Army’s cause. Other factors such as trustworthiness and prior community service are equally as important.

My key take-away from the board meeting is that everyone must rely on each other to achieve a greater goal. Everyone on the board has a purpose, and it’s up to each person to fulfill their role and go the extra mile. From what I have witnessed, those on the board truly believe in Doing the Most Good.

To learn more about our current Advisory Board members, click here.

About the Author

Jacob Flesvig
Jacob Flesvig is an intern at the Salvation Army of Naples. He is working to meet his Bright Future Scholarship requirements by contributing 100 volunteer service hours in the Development/Communications Department. He is a senior at Naples High School and plans on attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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