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When a disaster threatens call the Collier Information Center at 3-1-1 or 252-8444.


Since 1899, The Salvation Army has provided emergency services to individuals and communities affected by disasters and other catastrophic events. The “Army” has been on the scene of thousands of disasters … honoring a century-old commitment to serve those in need, at the time of need, in the place of need.The Salvation Army is among the first to arrive at the disaster scene and among the last to leave.

In a disaster, The Salvation Army has the ability to provide both immediate emergency assistance and long-term recovery help. Basic services may include:

Food Service

The most visible of The Salvation Army’s disaster services is the delivery of meals and drinks to disaster victims and emergency workers. Food may be prepared and served at congregate feeding sites (such as a Salvation Army corps building, camp or shelter) or from one of the Army’s mobile feeding units/canteens, which are essentially kitchens on wheels.

Hydration Service

Hydration service provides beverages which replenish electrolytes (minerals such as potassium), enhance energy and meet general hydration requirements for those served.

Cleanup and Restoration

The Salvation Army supports people as they restore and rebuild after a disaster. Cleanup and restoration services include distribution of cleanup supplies, coordination of volunteer rebuilding teams and set up of warehouses to distribute reconstruction supplies.

Donations Management

The Salvation Army is one of the nation’s leaders in collecting, sorting, and distributing donated goods. During a disaster, The Salvation Army may open disaster warehouses to receive and sort donations, establish distribution centers to dispense goods directly to victims and channel donations to support other disaster programs such as mass feeding and cleanup.

Spiritual and Emotional Care

The Salvation Army provides spiritual comfort and emotional support to disaster victims and emergency workers coping with the stress of a disaster. Salvation Army counselors, who are ordained clergy (officers) or lay personnel, will offer a “ministry of presence,” as well as examples of spiritual and emotional care activities include comforting the injured and bereaved, conducting or participating in funeral and memorial services and providing chaplaincy services to disaster workers and emergency management personnel.

Disaster Social Services

The Salvation Army provides direct financial assistance to disaster victims through a system of trained caseworkers. The assistance available may include essential living supplies, such as food, clothing, medicine, bedding, or baby products, emergency housing needs and disaster-related medical or funeral expenses.



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How we work with other agencies:

  • The Salvation Army Naples Corps is an integral member of the community of disaster service organizations.
  • The Salvation Army's role is affirmed in The Federal Relief Act of 1970 (PL 91-606) and The Disaster Relief Act of 1974 (PL 93-288).

The Salvation Army is active in:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • National Voluntary Organizations Active In Disasters (NVOAD)
  • Voluntary Organizations active In Disasters (VOAD)
  • Local/State/Regional Emergency Management Organizations
  • Local/State/Regional Planning and Service Organizations

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How it's possible? Your donations!

We are very grateful for the care and concern this community shares through donations to the Army's disaster funds. There are no administrative fees applied. Every dollar goes directly to hurricane and disaster assistance in all stages of the disaster: relief, recovery and long-term care.

Ways to donate:

By Phone: Call toll free 1-800 SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769) and relay your credit card information. Indicate the purpose of the donation.

Local calls: In Collier County, (Naples) Florida, call 239-775-9447 to speak with our local office to relay your credit card information.

Mail: Be sure to indicate the purpose of your donation in the description area of your check and send it to:

The Salvation Army Naples Corps
P.O. Box 8209
Naples, FL 34101

Train as a Volunteer:

A Volunteer Training Program is available if you would like to train in Disaster Services. You can train to serve on our local Canteen (mobile kitchen). The Canteen becomes a mini oasis for many who are in desperate circumstances, especially in the early aftermath of a disaster.

To learn more about Volunteer opportunities available, please call 239-775-9447.

Collier County Emergency Disaster Services TRAINING

If you are insterested in becoming part of our Volunteer Collier County Emergency Disaster Services Team please complete the form below.
  • Please indicate if you are interested as an individual or part of a group.