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Southern Territorial Mission Statement:

Salvationists of the USA Southern Territory are answering God’s call to make radical followers of Jesus Christ who love inclusively, serve helpfully and disciple effectively in the communities where they live.

The USA Southern Territory comprises 15 southern states and is divided into nine divisions. The territorial commander is the administrative and spiritual leader of the territory.

Territories are divided into divisions, with a divisional commander, the division’s spiritual and administrative leader, leading a team of administrative officers in each division. Each division encompasses a number of corps and other Salvation Army centers. Where it is not possible for a corps to have its own full-time commanding officer, non-commissioned local officers (lay leaders) are often asked to accept some responsibility for local leadership.

The Salvation Army Naples Regional Coordinate is part of The Salvation Army USA Southern Territory. Territory Headquarters is located at 1424 Northeast Expressway NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

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