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  • Where does the money in my kettle go?

    Gifts to your Red Kettle will support The Salvation Army in Collier County. The Salvation Army has been providing toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and countless social service programs year-round for over 34 years in Collier County!

  • What should my goal be?

    You can set any goal you want. And remember, you will not be penalized for not reaching your goal.The Red Kettle that has raised the most money at the end of the campaign will receive a grand prize.

  • Does it cost me any money?

    Nope! Signing up is completely free.

  • How do I get people to donate?

    Getting Friends and Family to donate is easier than ever!

    You can share the link to your personal Red Kettle through text message, email, Facebook and Twitter by clicking the "Share" button on your profile.

    Don't be scared to post the link on other social media accounts not listed in the "Share" option. We have seen it being shared on Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more!

    Remember to follow us on our social media accounts for more information!

  • Can I have a receipt for tax purposes?

    Everyone who donates online to an any Online Red Kettle (including yours!) will receive an email acknowledgement to the address that was provided at the time the donation was made. This serves as an official receipt, you can print the email to use for tax purposes.

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