Investing in the Future of Our Community

Dear Friends:

When Francina and I retire on July 1, 2018, we will have spent a combined total of 79 years serving the Lord in seven of the nine divisions of The Salvation Army in the USA Southern Territory. Frankly, just thinking about all those years makes me tired!

We have been privileged to conduct Capital Campaigns for new facilities in Biloxi and Columbus, Mississippi; Lubbock and Fort Worth, Texas; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Naples, Florida. We have seen growth in many ways in all of our appointments. You might say we have been investing in the futures of all these communities!

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? We don’t always see the end results of our investments, but we do know the seed has been planted! We all have to trust our Heavenly Father as we do our best to grow the Army forward, wherever we may be appointed.

We are grateful and thankful for all the good folks in this, our last appointment before retirement. Donors, Advisory Board members, William Booth Society Members, and wonderful employees have joined our Army as we march along in Collier County!

There is much left to be done, including the building of a gymnasium as Phase Two of the Fran Cohen Youth Center, and also the Master Campus upgrade, which will bring all our offices back into one location. In the final months ahead, we invite you to be a part of the vision to build a first-class Salvation Army operation in Collier County. Hopefully, Francina and I can return some day to see the further investments you have made in the futures of so many lives in Collier County.

Francina and I are thankful for the opportunity to serve in Naples/Collier County. As we retire next July 1, we will thank God upon every remembrance of those many hands, many hearts who have brought the Army to where it is today!

Thanks – and may God bless you!

Majors Dan and Francina Proctor

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