Building communities from the inside out is a way to develop a community based on its assets and capacities rather than needs and deficiencies. This equips individuals to share with their neighbors in planning, growth and development. Some benefits of CCB include economic growth, social capital, and enhanced community pride and involvement.  Individuals are trained in how to create and use capacity inventories of gifts, skills, capabilities and interests based on their community. Additionally, they learn how to mobilize these assets and cultivate the gifts of individuals, the strengths of associations and the power of local institutions. Many participants of the training have experienced a deep paradigm shift with a lasting impact! The Salvation Army has seen many benefits of CCB in other countries such as Canada and the UK. Many success stories are forming throughout the four territories in America, and the Florida Division has decided to utilize this tool to help go beyond service and experience growth, development and sustainability. Having a CCB team at your Corps would enable your community to stay focused on the measurable goals and outcomes you have set. Community Capacity Building is a long-term process, but when the investment is made, sustainability in several areas is a measurable outcome.

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