Social Service and Emergency Assistance

Preventing Homelessness and Supporting Family Stability

Everyday, families face hardship. Their pantry or refrigerator is empty and the family is hungry. The rent is due and medical expenses have drained the family’s savings account. These scenarios are not rare.

The Salvation Army believes that a society’s health is supported by strong and stable families.

Combating hunger and preventing homelessness ensures that children can learn and grow, and adults can pursue employment and civic participation without fear of scarcity.

For the thousands of families living in poverty, we are supporting greater stability through a range of emergency assistance services provided at our Social Services office:

  • Eviction Prevention (rental or mortgage assistance)
  • Utility Termination Prevention (electric and water)
  • Food (pantry/non perishable food)

To learn more about receiving help for yourself, a friend or a loved one, please contact The Salvation Army Social Services office to get more information (321)724-0494.

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