The Salvation Army local leadership in Brevard County is made up of Salvation Army officers and local advisory board members.


Lieutenant Carlos Rojas, Area Commander 
Lieutenant Diana Rojas, Associate Area Commander

Advisory Board

The Salvation Army Advisory Board includes influential business and community leaders who provide their time and wisdom to support the work and programs of the agency. The board members assist the officers and staff in solving complex community needs, and identifying changing fundraising trends. They work tirelessly to connect The Salvation Army of Melbourne to its community in meaningful ways.

2015 Advisory Board Members

Chad Cabrera, Chairperson,
Shorona Miller, TD Bank
Sheron Carrier, Retired
Reverend Erich Hamm, United Methodist Minister
Robert McCall, Attorney
Jay Moon, Moon’s Amazing Seafood
Terance Meyers, Terance L. Myers, Architect, Inc.
Travis Proctor, Artemis International Technologies, Inc.
Rosa Riordan, Community Out Reach
Teresa Zorn, Zorn Accounting
Yvonne Darling, 
Tara Johnson,
Kristi Herndon,
Alisha Kish,
Vic Luebker,
Sean Riordan,
Brian Solomon,
Eyad Muabaied, Harris