Adam’s Place is our new men's jail diversion/prevention and veterans intervention homeless shelter serving St. Lucie County. The shelter celebrated its opening in January 2019 and is the product of collaboration among many agencies and stakeholders to provide services to homeless veterans as well as homeless men who may face transport to jail with possible misdemeanor arrest charges.

The Jail Diversion/Prevention and Veterans Intervention Homeless Shelter program is designed to break the cycle of homelessness, incarceration and subsequent return to homelessness by first providing temporary “drop off” shelter housing and basic needs care and then conducting preliminary screening of individual needs, followed by referral to support agencies that provide comprehensive case management and services resulting in stable housing. Services are individualized and may include mental health or substance abuse treatment as well as job training and placement.

Adam's Place is located at 609 N. 7th Street in Ft. Pierce. For more information, call 772-448-8082.