The Salvation Army is Helping Homeless Men, Veterans in Fort Pierce

Luminaries September 2019

Fewer homeless men are on the streets of St. Lucie County this summer thanks to The Salvation Army’s Adam’s Place, a 24-bed shelter on North Seventh Street in Fort Pierce.

Developed in collaboration with local law enforcement and the Veterans Administration, the shelter aims to reduce the number of men incarcerated for simply being homeless and, instead, offer them resources to get back on their feet. The shelter, which celebrated its six-month anniversary, has already assisted 32 men.

Adam’s Place offers free, temporary shelter and meals along with wrap-around case management and referrals to collaborating agencies.

“Because of the nature of generational poverty, it’s going to take a lot of work from a lot of different people,” said Lt. Jeff Marquis, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army. “This program seeks to remove as many obstacles as possible to allow these men to focus on what’s important, to not have to stress over where they’re going to sleep each night and get back to a standard of living that they lost sight of after many years of living on the streets and other places.”

The shelter is seeing some success and residents are showing gratitude.

Eric, an Army veteran, was homeless and living in his car until a referral from the Veteran’s Administration brought him to Adam’s Place.

“My car was really hot,” he said. “(Adam’s Place) is a respite on the Treasure Coast. It’s cool, it’s clean and there are beds for individuals.”

“I made a lot of mistakes. That part of my life is over," said Travis, referring to a recent stint in prison. An aspiring actor and singer, he has found two part-time jobs and even a few auditions. He is confident he will be moving into his own place soon. “Only way you’ll fail here is if you don’t apply yourself. They give you everything you need.”

Another resident, Gregg, has been homeless on and off for years with a drug addiction. Now clean for over a year, he recently entered the shelter to gain stability. He’s excited to start college.

“I’m grateful that it’s here, absolutely,” he said, adding that without Adam’s Place, he would still be homeless. “I would be somewhere desperate on the street or in jail for stealing something to eat. I’d be in trouble, I’m sure. I’d be struggling.”

The shelter, which is operating as a men's jail-diversion/prevention and veterans-intervention homeless facility, is funded by private donors on land donated by the Fort Pierce Housing Authority.

For more information about Adam’s Place and how you can help, call 772-448-8082 or visit salvationarmyflorida.org/martincounty.
Adam's Place

Salvation Army Awarded United Way Grants

June 2019

The Salvation Army is the proud recipient of two grants from the United Way of Martin County.

The Army's Social Services office was granted $11,000 to support the provision of basic needs to people in Martin County. The office helps hundreds of struggling families in need each year with things like food, rent and utility assistance, prescription assistance, clothing and other necessities.

Another grant for $15,000 was awarded to the Army's Compassion House transitional shelter for homeless women and children. The shelter provides a stable living environment for homeless families along with supportive counseling and resources to enable the women to find and keep suitable employment and housing.
United Way
United WAy

Publix Charities Donates to Compassion House

February 2019

Publix Super Markets Charities recently awarded The Salvation Army of Martin County a $15,000 grant for its Compassion House homeless shelter. The award was the second donation given to the shelter in two years.

Compassion House, a transitional shelter for homeless women and children, opened in 2012 in East Stuart and has been filled with families in need ever since. The shelter has eight rooms, each with its own private bath, and provides for all its residents’ needs, allowing them to save their income to transition quickly into stable housing. Residents are linked to resources for childcare, employment opportunities, educational opportunities – whatever they need to become successful. The goal is to help the women become self-sufficient and more resilient when faced with a crisis, and the shelter has enjoyed some success over the past few years. Among residents who have completed the program, 98% have been able to avoid falling into homelessness again.

The Publix funding will go towards the shelter’s operating expenses, which can run over $30,000 a month according to Lt. Jeff. Marquis, the Salvation Army Corps Officer for Martin County. “Because we try to make sure every need is met, including the big things like electricity and food but also the minor things like making sure they have laundry detergent and clean sheets and a safe place to live - all of that costs money and so anytime we can take a big chunk out of the operating expenses the way that Publix has by giving us $15,000, that’s going to go a long way to making sure that we have everything that the women need to get back on their feet.”

For information about the Salvation Army or Compassion House, call 772-288-1471 or visit www.salvationarmyflorida.org/martincounty.
Publix Grant

Salvation Army Auxiliary Holds Fundraiser at Lyric

February 2019

Supporters of The Salvation Army recently enjoyed premium seats at the performances of ABBAcadabra at the Lyric Theatre. The event, organized annually by the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, raised $4,000 for Compassion House, the Army’s transitional shelter for homeless women and children.