In all the world, The Salvation Army is the largest provider of human services, bringing help to more of the world’s needy than any organization, any government. The Salvation Army is the world’s friend – the place we turn to in time of need.

The Salvation Army is called “America’s favorite charity,” receiving more contributions from individuals than any other. America gives more than its money to the work of The Army; it gives its time, its skill and its effort each year. Thousands of volunteers assist in the work throughout the year.

The Salvation Army is moved to do its work by a love of God and a concern for all humanity. Looking at those in need, The Army sees a person and a soul. To help both, it provides basic human necessities such as food, clothing and shelter – and in providing these things with dignity and care, the spirit too is nourished.



The Corps Community Center is the focal point for Salvation Army activities and programs tailored to the needs of our community. The Corps Community Center provides a home for Worship Services, Sunday School, Men’s, Young Adult and Teen Fellowship groups, Women’s Fellowship, Scouting and Nursery Programs. Counseling sessions, recreational activities and educational programming also take place at our Community Center.

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