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Disaster Services

Every year, natural disasters cost Americans $15 billion in insured losses.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, droughts, flooding, and other natural disasters pose the greatest threat to our country.

The Salvation Army Helps Meet the Needs of Disaster Survivors Through:

Emergency Preparedness

As one of the largest disaster relief organizations in the country, The Salvation Army recognizes the need to be prepared. We provide education on how to prepare for and respond to disasters and aid in the development of emergency disaster plans.

Immediate Emergency Response

Disasters strike without much warning, so The Salvation Army is ready to jump into action on short notice. We gather donations, resources, and volunteers in a predetermined staging area so we’re ready to help as soon as the area is safe to enter. Our disaster assistance includes providing food, water, and essential items, lending a hand with cleanup, and providing hope to those impacted by disaster.

Disaster Recovery

The Salvation Army continues to aid survivors of disasters throughout the recovery process. We collaborate with other disaster relief organizations and government agencies to develop and execute a disaster recovery plan. Collaboration may include restoration and rebuilding initiatives, meeting basic needs, covering medical expenses, cutting funeral costs and distributing in-kind donations to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Emotional and Spiritual Care

Not all aftermath of disasters is visible to the naked eye. The Salvation Army helps address the emotional  impact on disaster survivors and first responders with emotional support and spiritual comfort. Whether it’s lending a listening ear, offering a hug, joining together in prayer, or simply being present, Salvation Army personnel are ready to help.

Meet the Team

Steven Hartsook

Divisional Director of Emergency Disaster Services (EDS)

Lynne Frost

EDS Preparedness Coordinator

Deanna Roush

Divisional EDS Assistant Director

Alan Gregory

Divisional Logistics Program Manager

Zachary Harris

Divisional EDS Logistics Assistant

Kathy Holden

Administrative Assistant & Accounting Clerk

Thomas Eglinton

LTR Program Coordinator

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