Easter Egg Hunt/Easter Bunny Breakfast:  For donations!


Easter Hat Competition: Who can come up with the most unusual Easter Hat…flowers, healthy food, anything works.. Charge an entry fee… turn the selection party into an event, serve food.


Lunch Grillers: Deliver lunches to the businesses in town or just host for your own employees… Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Soup Days, Salad Days, Dessert Days, Ice Cream Sundae’s  …food is a big draw…


Ice Cream Socials:  These are great fun and inexpensive to host!


“Your OWN  Idol: Charge admission and entry fees and let the talent begin.


Car Washes never go out of style, and there is lots of pollen out there!


Yard Sales.  With beautiful weather, comes lots of people shopping! And lots of spring cleaning.


Bike Rodeo:  Big people get to ride their motorcycles… what about the kids?  Plan a bike ride in a neighborhood/park, or just a gathering for the young’ens.  Have a picnic lunch/dinner ; award prizes for best decorated bike; have a local bike shop or fire department come out and check bike safety; set up cones for ‘driving tests’; get creative!


Lemonade Stand:  Does your neighborhood have lots of yard sales?  Set up a lemonade stand… better yet, why not grill hot-dogs while you’re at it?


Yard Displays:  Place plastic pink flamingos, wooden cows, or any other item in the front yard or office of unsuspecting donors.  Request a donation to remove them, and additional donation for the homeowners to pick whose yard/office they are placed in next, and
another donation as “insurance” that they don’t wind up back in their yard again!


Neighborhood Block Party—the weather is nice, time for a party with all the neighbors and kids…pot-luck and each family makes a donation for what they would have spent going out.


Spring BOWS— make and sell Spring Bows for mailboxes and car antennas.  $5-$20 donation depending on the size of the BOW!!