In a time when negativity surrounds us, it’s important to spread positivity and be the light for others who are struggling. These are some simple ways to do so in 2019:

1. Use social media for good

Social media is a go-to time filler for many people. And while it helps bring us together, it also has broken many apart through messages of hate and negativity. Take the initiative to use social media for good — to spread uplifting stories, bring attention to charitable fundraisers and share messages of hope when people may need it the most.

2. Be available to listen and offer support

There are times when all a person needs is to have someone there to listen. Be a listening ear for others to vent their frustrations and worries by motivating, encouraging and helping them through their difficult times.

3. Partake in random acts of kindness

Challenge yourself to brighten the days of others with random acts of kindness each day — whether that’s paying for coffee for the next person in line at the coffee shop or making care packages for the patients at a local hospital.

4. Compliment others

Take the time to acknowledge the qualities you like most about your family, friends and acquaintances by complimenting them. Acknowledge their achievements and strengths, and let them know all they truly have to offer the world.

5. Write notes of encouragement

Set aside some time to write up encouraging notes to pass out to others you encounter in public who seem to be having a bad day. If you see a stressed parent at the grocery store whose child just had a tantrum, give them a note letting them know they are a good parent. If you come across an overwhelmed retail worker or restaurant server, give them a note to tell them they are doing a good job. The point is just to let people know that everything is going to be OK.

6. Spend time with residents at a nursing home

Plan a day to spend at a local nursing home to bring joy to its residents. Ask them what they enjoy doing the most, and participate in that activity with them. If it’s painting or making crafts, create with them. If it’s watching movies, watch with them. If it’s playing board games, play with them. Spend quality time with residents, and make sure they know they are not alone.

7. Ask someone how they are doing

Check in with a family member, friend or neighbor you haven’t heard from in a while, and ask them, “How are you?” If everything is well, let them know you are happy for them. If they are going through difficulties, be there for them and ask them how you can help. This lets them know someone is thinking about them — in the good and bad times.

8. Be a mentor

Commit to being a mentor for youth in your community who could use a confidence boost. Offer to help them with schoolwork, give them advice as they face obstacles, and be someone they can count on.

9. Say “thank you”

Make it a habit to always say “thank you” to show people you appreciate what they do for you. By expressing your gratitude, you are letting them know that what they do really matters and is making a difference.

10. Cheer others on

Be there to support your family and friends as they work toward achieving something important to them. If your parents are taking steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle, celebrate their milestones with them. If your children’s soccer team made it to a championship game, be there to encourage and cheer them on. If your friends are graduating grad school, be there for the commencement ceremony. Show them you care about their accomplishments.

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Many of the organization’s food banks anticipate an increase in need if the standoff continues.

Nearly four weeks into what’s become the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, many across the country are beginning to feel the financial impact of the impasse.

Many of the more than 800,000 federal workers and roughly 4 million more government contractors affected have now missed their first paycheck. For some of them, this may mean they need to reign in their spending on non-essentials, or simply tighten their monthly budget. But for others living paycheck to paycheck, missing just one could mean they can’t pay their mortgage, or afford groceries, medicine, or child care.

The Salvation Army is one of several groups stepping up to offer some relief to furloughed government employees, those working without pay, or anyone else affected, as they navigate the unexpected stress and financial hardship triggered by the partial shutdown.

Lt. Liz Blusiewicz, corps officer in Huntington,..

miami disaster

By: Brad Rowland

In partnership with both the NHL’s Florida Panthers and FedEx, The Salvation Army has opened a new Emergency Disaster Services Command and Training Center in Miami, Florida.

The center was unveiled June 1. It will serve as a support facility throughout the year, regardless of the nature of active disaster response.

The Florida Panthers Foundation, which joined the Tampa Bay Lightning in donating funds for ongoing disaster relief earlier in 2018, donated a food distribution vehicle to augment food production and service in times of disaster.

The Salvation Army also received a donated unit from FedEx that can serve approximately 1,500 meals per day in active service. This vehicle can be used in both daily food service and extended service for direct disaster relief.

When the facility is not in full use for disaster service, it will be used for training for volunteers, overall first aid and CPR certification and spiritual training to provide stability in periods of potential crisis.

Beyond that, a disaster-based warehouse is in place for storage and to provide a database for donations as they arrive, both day-to-day and in direct response.

Captain Enrique Azuaje, Miami area commander, aided in executing this vision, with additional funding from The Community Foundation.

The creation and implementation of the facility should help The Salvation Army streamline its efforts year-round and in times of disaster. The community’s investment in its opening provides an encouraging sign for ongoing support in the future.

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EASTPOINT, FL – The Salvation Army Disaster Response Team from Panama City is currently en-route with a mobile feeding unit (canteen) to provide meals and hydration to residents and first responders impacted by severe fires in Franklin County, Florida. The fire, presently under control, has impacted a reported 40 homes and conditions warranted a mandatory evacuation of the area.  Residents received little to no notice as flames quickly destroyed more than 950 acres.“Our team is prepared to serve meals and snacks and will continue to provide additional services, such as emotional and spiritual care, to help meet the needs of the displaced families,” says Lieutenant Chelsea Fleeman with The Salvation Army of Panama City.

Additional updates will be provided as information becomes available.


Sign up to become a trained Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Volunteer:
Donate: 1-800-SAL-ARMY or