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Meet Morgan Hulteen

Meet Morgan HulteenA 20-year-old who’s into dance and athletics, is passionate about her faith, and has won two gold medals! The New Jersey native has been enrolled in gymnastics since she was seven, and took her balance and strength to the Special Olympics USA Games held in Seattle, Washington in July 2018. Selected as part [...]

William Thomas Stead

William Thomas Stead was the fiery and headstrong editor of London’s Pall Mall Gazette in the 1880’s. He is practically a stereotype of the news editor who takes on the establishment and condemns the immorality of the day, regardless of how accepted they were and who he upset in the process. This made him the perfect partner in [...]

Financial Education in Florida

The Salvation Army offering Financial Education in FloridaBy: Brad Rowland From coast to coast, millions operate with financial uncertainty, and The Salvation Army often steps into the gap to aid those in need. In Tarpon Springs, Florida, an educational initiative exists to do just that in the “Money Smart” class. Curriculum for the class stems [...]

Do Something Today

Do Something TodayBy: Terry Masango, Captain General William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, was brushing his mane-like white hair when his son Bramwell stepped into the room. “Bramwell!” he cried. “Did you know that men sleep out all night on the bridges?” “Well, yes,” the son replied. “A lot of poor fellows I suppose [...]

10 ways to spread positivity in 2019

In a time when negativity surrounds us, it’s important to spread positivity and be the light for others who are struggling. These are some simple ways to do so in 2019:
1. Use social media for good Social media is a go-to time filler for many people. And while it helps bring us together, it also has broken many apart through messages of hate and negativity. Take the initiative to use social media for good — to spread uplifting stories, bring attention to charitable fundraisers and share messages of hope when people may need it the most.
2. Be available to listen and offer support There are times when all a person needs is to have someone there to listen. Be a listening ear for others to vent their frustrations and worries by motivating, encouraging and helping them through their difficult times.
3. Partake in random acts of kindness Challenge yourself to brighten the days of others with random acts of kindness each day — whether that’s paying for coffee for the next person in line a..


Salvation Army extends help to shutdown-affected workers

Many of the organization’s food banks anticipate an increase in need if the standoff continues.

Nearly four weeks into what’s become the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, many across the country are beginning to feel the financial impact of the impasse.

Many of the more than 800,000 federal workers and roughly 4 million more government contractors affected have now missed their first paycheck. For some of them, this may mean they need to reign in their spending on non-essentials, or simply tighten their monthly budget. But for others living paycheck to paycheck, missing just one could mean they can’t pay their mortgage, or afford groceries, medicine, or child care.

The Salvation Army is one of several groups stepping up to offer some relief to furloughed government employees, those working without pay, or anyone else affected, as they navigate the unexpected stress and financial hardship triggered by the partial shutdown.

Lt. Liz Blusiewicz, corps officer in Huntington,..


Jail Diversion Shelter to Open in Ft. Pierce

Jail Diversion Shelter to Open in Ft. Pierce In January 2019, Adam’s Place, a jail diversion shelter that will house homeless men (including homeless veterans) will be dedicated in Fort Pierce, Florida, the culmination of more than three and half years of tireless effort by many dedicated staff and supporters. The concept was first proposed [...]

The Salvation Army Helps Two Brothers in Christ Deliver Hope in Panama City

The Salvation Army Helps Two Brothers in Christ Deliver Hope in Panama City Donate Now Panama City, FL (October 15, 2018) - On most days you’ll find John “ZZ” Gavrun and John “Animal” Kirchens riding their motorcycles, preaching the gospel of Jesus throughout Panama City. They’re both members of Faith Riders, a local motorcycle ministry; but on this [...]

Planting Seeds of Hope on the Frontlines in Tallahassee

Planting Seeds of Hope on the Frontlines in Tallahassee Donate Now Tallahassee, FL (October 15, 2018) - When disaster strikes, mobile feeding kitchen (canteen) crew members are at the forefront of The Salvation Army’s emergency response offering meals, refreshments, and emotional and spiritual care to rescue workers and survivors. From enduring extreme weather conditions to extensive [...]