From the Heart of an Officer- Major Marion Ward Durham

I was there earlier in the morning before the center opened today because there was a media tour to promote all the services being offered at The Family Assistance Center. So much Great work is being done by many agencies. From the FBI, to Senator Rubio’s office, and charities like us and everyone in between.

The center is in a park so today during a break it felt good to walk the fields and paths to get a few steps in. I found another memorial on the soccer field for a lost player. On my way back inside there were so many more people and flowers.

Another group that’s been here and helpful to many are the comfort dogs. There’s usually about a half a dozen at a time on the campus.

A story…

A school board member stopped by our table and we had a very good conversation about the choices they have to make about the future, problems to solve about staff, traumatized students who need to finish the year (especially seniors) and his tour of the crime scene the night before. It seemed as if he needed to process what was happening too. Just like parents. Just like the students. A few minutes later, I called him back over and asked if I could pray for him and others in Parkland Leadership. They need wisdom and discernment. He readily agreed.

It’s good to be a Salvation Army Officer.


Thank you The Florida Panthers for hosting 1,000 “hurricane heroes” at home opener and generous support of The Salvation Army.

“It’s amazing to see, not only the generosity, but the spirit and camaraderie of the Panthers,” said Kevin Smith, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services Director for Florida. “We’ve already given out a direct service of $4.2 million in just the Hurricane Irma response across Florida. Every dollar that comes to disaster services goes directly to disaster services. This gift by the Panthers will extend what we’re able to do for families across South Florida.”