“The first time I came here was the first time I was able to really lie down. I had been sleeping on a little cement bench against the wall where I was always scrunched.

I regained appreciation for being able to fully lay out my body when I came here and truly rest,” said Felicia.

Living on the streets took a physical and emotional toll. Simple comforts were bygone memories — the only thing she could focus on was survival.

Where would she find her next meal?

Where could she find a restroom to use?

Where would be the next spot she would sleep and be safe?


It’s not fancy, but the inside of our women’s shelter looks like Shangri La to someone like Felicia who has been sleeping on a cement bench.

When Felicia entered The Salvation Army’s Lighthouse Shelter she was provided these physical comforts. Yet her mind and her soul also needed nourishment.

Through day trips into nature, she found an old friend — beauty.

“The trips reminded us how beautiful the world is. When you live on the streets you see a lot of ugliness, both physically and mentally. When you are taken to these beautiful places it reminds you of what beauty looks like and it brings beauty back into your life,” said Felicia.

That has inspired me to keep going.”

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