Love hearing the stories of how because of you, The Salvation Army is changing lives! Janice was in search of hope and a new life before coming to The Salvation Army of Tampa/Hillsborough County. She is so happy to be starting that new life today. Take a look at Janice’s quest to a new beginning.

Because of You! This story is about a life you are changing and the difference you are making.

Hundreds of families rely on The Salvation Army to help put food on the table when times are tough. Local food pantries face donation shortages during the summer months, now that summer is coming to an end and children are heading back to school, it is not too late to donate to your local food pantries.

A very special client was featured in this segment from NBC 2 in Naples Florida, sharing her story of how The Salvation Army in Naples played a major role in helping she and her husband rebuild their lives following one of the most trying times they’ve experienced. It included many setbacks, medical emergencies and surgeries, a fire that destroyed their home and claimed their beloved dogs, months of homelessness and hunger, fear and worry.

But through it all…there was hope, and there was help. The Salvation Army was able to provide resources and support and today their lives stand in stark contrast to what once was. The couple now volunteers Monday – Friday at a local church in Immokalee by assisting with meal preparation and serving the Immokalee community. For them, giving back is more than a nice thing to do. It’s a reminder of how far they have come through struggle, and how they hope to help others make it through too.

After their story appeared on NBC-2, Justine Andollo, a member of The National Aging in Place Council reached out to The Salvation Army in Naples, wanting to help even more. Justine is working to connect the couple with even more resources, and even provided a gracious donation of furniture and other items for their current home. Justine – we thank you deeply for playing the part of a true neighbor, and for Doing The Most Good in our community.

As the Director of Camp Keystone, it is a high honor to see the campers that come through our gates each summer. I try to make it a point to get on the buses as they prepare to leave Camp Keystone and head home and say farewell to all the campers.

One day I asked a camper sitting on the bus what his favorite thing was about camp. “Was it swimming?” No. He only shrugged his shoulders and said it was just okay. “Was it fishing? Canoeing? Crafts? Bible Class? The night programs?” All of these were just met with the same tepid, ho-hum, it was okay I guess, responses. Finally, I said, “Man! You got to tell me what your favorite thing about camp was?” With a huge smile, the boy finally came to life and said, “I got to eat three meals in one day!”

It was in that moment that I remember why we exist. This kid thought a day with breakfast, lunch, and supper was the best thing to ever happen to him.

This little boy teaches us to be grateful for everything that we have. As Camp Keystone opens for the summer, we remember the nearly 1,200 campers who will come to us grateful for the small things that you help provide.

God bless.
Captain Matt Satterlee
Divisional Youth Secretary

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