Miami, FL – (July 20, 2022) The Salvation Army Miami Area Command has recently partnered up with the Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation of Coral Gables to provide increased healthcare to clients within the community. Their recent donation has assisted in helping us provide care for those served at the Health Resource Center.

Three out of four of the uninsured population are in poverty. The lack of insurance and deprivation results in individuals foregoing preventative care. Those in need are more likely to wait until their health conditions are severe before taking action and pursuing medical attention.

In 2019, the Salvation Army announced the grand opening of the Health Resource Center. With the assistance of community partners including the Health Foundation of South Florida and Camillus Health Concern, the Health Resource Center was made possible and continues to be a vital medical access point for the residents within the shelter. Residents and clients are able to receive more healthcare assistance without the hassle of transportation and delayed 911 dispatch.

The shelter continues to provide assistance to residents including Leroy B, who arrived in spring 2022 at Salvation Army’s emergency shelter in crisis. Leroy, 57, left behind an unstable “nightmare” housing environment and neglected treatment for his diabetes, depression and chronic kidney disease. The physician at the Health Resource Center promptly arranged for dialysis at University of Miami and prescribed medicine to immediately stabilize his condition. With his physician and case manager’s help, he now awaits to move into permanent supportive housing, receives outpatient dialysis thrice weekly and feels much healthier and more hopeful about the future.

“It’s really wonderful. I feel like they care. I feel like I’m being cared about and they get on me when I’m slipping” on taking daily medications,” he said. “If not for this place I would not be here (alive) today.”

Thank you to Dunspaugh-Dalton for helping us better impact our residents and the community.

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