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Major Serge LaLanne | Boca Raton Corps Officer and Pastor

Major Serge Lalanne was born in Fond des Blancs, Haiti in 1956. He was raised in a Christian environment for his father was a Baptist minister. But Serge attended The Salvation Army since early childhood.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Law at State University in Haiti; studied Sociology at Ecole Des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociaes (EHESS) in Paris, France; was a Student Titular at EHEES for a master’s in social work; earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and development at The University of Paris VIIII, Vinennes, St. Denis, France; studied theology at South Florida Center for Theological Seminary and then graduated from The Salvation Army Catherine Booth College in Atlanta.

He wrote his Memoire: “Juvenal Sociology of Delinquency in reference to Haitian Laws.” And as an author published several books:

  • Regardez Le Palmier (Look at the Palm Tree). The book talks about the importance of the Haitian farmers in the development of the country of Haiti. The book was published by Educa Vision in 1998.
  • The Heart in a Banderole. The book is an intimate reflection of a Modern Thinker. Published by Gorky Continent.
  • Ecclesiology for All. The book is about religious raining for church leaders. It will be submitted on the leadership of the Salvation Army for acceptance.

He has a missionary’s heart and was appointed as project Director and Candidate Secretary in Haiti from 2011–2014.

Major LaLanne, along with his wife Ce Ce, has been a Corps Officer in The Salvation Army for 21 years. Their appointments have taken them to the Naples, Miami Edison, Haiti and Sunset Corps.

Majors Serge and Celimene LaLanne have served as the Corps Officers and Pastors in Boca Raton since 2017.

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