Goddest Johnson documenting calls placed for food and financial assistance at The Salvation Army Women’s & Children’s Shelter in Orlando.


Orlando, FL (January 27, 2020) – Meet Goddest Johnson, a longtime volunteer with The Salvation Army Orlando Metro Area Command. She is legally blind, but she does not let that stop her from volunteering her time to serve. Despite her disability, Goddest committed to volunteering as the front desk receptionist at our Women’s & Children’s Shelter, assisting our social workers by answering the phones and filing paperwork.

Eleven years ago, Goddest was involved in an accident that left her visually impaired. With two children to raise, she moved to Orlando, Florida, from Houston, Texas. Goddest was determined to overcome her disability and live her life. “I’ve always had a passion for community service,” she shares. Taking matters into her own hands, Goddest got involved with the National Federation for the Blind and was named Vice President of Community Service. She became an advocate for creating community service opportunities for the visually impaired.

“I reached out to The Salvation Army because they were an organization that helped me when I was younger. So, I reached out, and they gave me a chance,” Goddest explains. At the age of 12, Goddest and her siblings were placed in foster care after their mother’s incarceration. “The Salvation Army was an organization that would come. They provided food and clothing – we were in different group homes, and I remember it being a resource that helped us.” Goddest recalls the years of support she received as a child. “Angel Tree was how I got gifts from the age of 12 up until 17,” Goddest shares.

For the past four years, Goddest has rendered countless volunteer hours to The Salvation Army Orlando Metro Area Command. Whenever a call for volunteers goes out, Goddest is there. She has prepared meals and serve homeless individuals, she has assisted with the preparation for our annual Thanksgiving feast, she has stuffed hundreds of Christmas stockings for kids and senior citizens, and she has assisted with over two dozen events.

Goddest is on a mission to shed light on the opportunities that are available for people with disabilities. She wants to spread hope amongst those who may feel helpless because of a disability. “Never let it define who you are. You always have a way of doing what you can do your way. So, don’t let your disability, whatever it may be, hinder you.”

The Salvation Army Orlando Metro Area Command has over 2,000 active volunteers. To learn more about our opportunities, visit our website www.SalvationArmyOrlando.org or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Octavio Serrano at, 407-423-8581 ext. 26454.



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