A leader at The Salvation Army of Port Charlotte and a teenager are on a journey to raise $50,000 to fill a need in Southwest Florida.

This year, more families than ever are asking for help to be able to put food on the table and give kids a gift for Christmas.

Capt. Israel Rosano and senior soldier Roger Lane set out Thursday morning to walk 50 miles, all in an effort to raise money for helping those in need this holiday season.

“Good morning, Port Charlotte family. Me and Roger, we’re here on our way to Englewood. We’ve done 10 and a half miles so far,” Roseno reported.

They’re still going strong – for now. They’re tired, hungry, and their feet hurt, but they’re determined.

“I’ve never done anything like that and it’s been a good experience,” Roseno said.

They’re planning to walk 50 miles through Charlotte County, from the Army’s office at 2120 Loveland Blvd., to the Punta Gorda Family Store at 1048 Tamiami Trl. It’s called the “50-50-50 Challenge for Good,” 50 miles on the 50th day before Christmas.

“Our bodies hurt, our feet hurt, but that’s just so small compared to the people that come to us every day and are just battling to make it,” Roseno said.

“It’s one thing for us to say I understand, another thing to say I experienced the same thing.”

He isn’t on the journey alone with the company of Roger, a Port Charlotte High School student who volunteers at The Salvation Army.

“He approached me; he says, ‘I’m going to go walk with you, Captain,’ and I said, ‘Sure, let’s go then.’”

Roseno said “it would’ve been more painful if it wasn’t for Roger,” who said he’s “really tired” but happy to walk for those who really need it.

“If I have the ability to help someone who can’t experience the things that I experience, I think that’s great,” Roger said.

If you’d like to donate to Roseno’s efforts, go to 50forGood.org or send your donation to:

The Salvation Army
2120 Loveland Blvd.
Port Charlotte, FL 33980


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