Major Chip Hall, Area Commander for Palm Beach County, has been helping with the kids at our Northwest Community Center, while school is out due to Covid-19. He is assisting in keeping kids up to date in school work and making learning fun.

On this day, Major Hall, who has a FUN personality, was teaching science and the kids loved it. We can’t tell who enjoyed it more.

Major Hall not only enjoys the time with the kids but he also knows that these children need positive reinforcement from strong leaders. The Northwest Community Center staff is working hard to keep the kids up to date with on-line school work and to keep them occupied and safe while their parents are at work. It’s also hard for the kids who might not really understand what is going on around the world right now. The Center has been open throughout the Covid-19 restrictions to help parents who HAD to work.

We would also like to say THANK YOU to our donors who support this center with monetary donations to provide extra supplies and to our Volunteers who help teach and guide these children to keep them on a positive path.

From smoke and bubbles made with dry-ice to making elephant toothpaste. We can’t tell if it was the teacher or students who had more fun.

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