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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The Salvation Army in Palm Beach County is partnering with the Florida Department of Health and Emergency Operations Center to deliver meals to people in the community who have tested positive for COVID-19 and can’t leave their homes when quarantined.

Major Leisa Hall, the Area Commander of the Salvation Army of Palm Beach County, said, “It’s important because if somebody tests positive they can’t go back to their families. So the county is putting them in a hotel or some other type of location. They can’t go out to get food, they can’t call in for delivery, they don’t have a place to cook their food.”

Depending on the patient’s needs, like where they are staying and how much storage is available, the deliveries differ. However, it typically includes water bottles, snacks, a fresh and hot meal, frozen meal options, and non-perishable breakfast food.

“They are very nutritious, high caloric which is what people who are sick, need,” explained Major Hall.

The organization is also helping by hosting food drives and paying rent and utilities for people who lost their jobs.

During the crisis, the charity has helped more than 300 families with those essential items.

The Salvation Army is still preparing for another influx of people who need help, but so far has been able to meet the need with the help of its community partners.

“We were preparing for potentially hundreds of people at a time who might have needed to be in quarantine because of COVID-19, thankfully I don’t think we’re going to hit that mark which we’re thankful for,” Major Hall explained.

“Sinclair Cares” is one of those partners. Our news viewers helped our parent company “Sinclair” raise around $2,000 dollars for the Salvation Army. That money will help our neighbors in Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast pay for food, rent and utilities.

The Salvation Army says it’s dedicated to continuing to help the community. It will host its monthly food drive on Thursday, April 30th from 1-3 p.m. at 2100 Palm Beach Lakes, West Palm Beach.

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