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91104234_2809029459166273_5129621351627227136_n palm beach The Salvation Army in West Palm Beach, Florida held its monthly food distribution with a few safety modifications to continue service during the coronavirus pandemic.

The drive-through service was made possible through donations to the food pantry from the community, Palm Beach Harvest, Whole Foods, and FitTeam Ballpark.

“We are grateful for the community support of businesses such as the FitTeam Ballpark, who donated food that would have been used for the many Spring Training games that were canceled,” says Major Chip and Leisa Hall, Administrators for The Salvation Army serving Palm Beach County. “We are also grateful for the many volunteers, including Port of Palm Beach Commissioner Katherine Waldron, who withstood the midday sun to help others.”

More than 100 families (327 individuals) were served in one day, with an expectation of that number increasing over the coming months.

The Salvation Army in Palm Beach County is seeing an increase in requests across their three social services offices from individuals and families struggling to make ends meet.

Those wishing to support their local Salvation Army food pantry are asked to drop off boxes of non-perishable food items to their local unit or visit www.SalvationArmyFlorida.org/give to make a gift online.

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