Orville’s Story

Adam’s Place | A Path to Transitional Change

Orville was a talented musician and teacher with a steady income and a wonderful home and family. When his beautiful wife passed away, he fell into a deep depression.

Orville eventually lost everything and was homeless for over a year, staying in hospitals, shelters and on the street before learning about Adam’s Place, The Salvation Army’s new men’s jail diversion and homeless veterans shelter in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Now a resident, Orville is working hard to find a stable job and housing.

“Even though I’m under a lot of stress and it’s hard for me to focus, at least here I’m able to do that because primary things like eating and a place to sleep are already taken care of, so I’m grateful for that. It won’t be too much longer until I’m actually working and have some semblance of a normal life. I thank God for this place.”

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