brewing hope

When people come to The Salvation Army seeking food, shelter, or emergency financial assistance, they receive an application to fill out. Included in the application is a voluntary questionnaire that includes just two questions.

Our ‘Brewing Hope’ series will give you insight on what assistance men, women, and children in need are seeking when they come through our doors, and what it means to them to receive a hand up and a sense of hope in their time of need.

Name: Tiana

What brings you to The Salvation Army for assistance? I’ve been going through a hardship after I recently lost my job of 4 years. I’ve been putting the pieces of my life back together slowly but surely because I have a child who depends on me, so I must get things back in order for him. I know in due time by the grace of God we will be just fine.

What does receiving assistance from The Salvation Army mean to you? It means my son and I won’t be in the dark. It gives me a little cushion to work and not have to stress and worry and fall off my course. I’m making good progress with a few bumps in the road, but I know this too shall pass.

Thank you for supporting the programs and services of The Salvation Army, so we can help people find the hope they need to face another day.

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