From the Heart of an Officer- Major Marion Durham

Today in Parkland…

Another day of listening and serving. The team has noticed blank stares on the faces of teenagers and the tears of many grateful parents. It’s a privilege to offer to pay the rent of a single Mom or hold hands with a family in prayer who are humbled to receive financial assistance. Or give a gift card to replace a backpack that is being held by police instead of full of textbooks on a child’s shoulder.

Today’s story…

We met the parents of one young man who was in his second surgery today on his foot which had been shattered by a bullet. He had faced the shooter and was hit while diving out of the way. The surgeon was rebuilding the tendon. His Mom shared a photograph and it showed in graphic detail how much damage had been done. They were so happy to be able have grocery gift cards to feed out of town family who have come in to support them. Our visit was quick because they needed to get back to the hospital and I was relieved that they could go there rather than hold a funeral.

I’ve been happy and sad today as well. I’m missing Mary Beth’s chorus concert tonight. Her Daddy is recording her pieces and no matter how they sound, I am proud of my beautiful, loving, leader of a daughter. She’s a freshman in high school like students here who were buried today. I get to go home to her in a few days and for this I am grateful.

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